The Role of Technology in Early Childhood Education

When software was introduced to the ECEC sector to help with tasks such as documentation and family communication, the sector was stretched to its limits. Fast forward 10 years, demand and stress levels have only risen further, and yet we’re seeing more documentation requirements and ever-increasing demand for communication from families. As software providers, we must ask ourselves - are we contributing to a more efficient workplace and educator wellbeing, or are we promoting more documentation? Over-documentation is real. According to the ACECQA guidelines, educators should, “be selective in what you choose to document because it is not possible to capture all of the rich experiences and learnings that occur every day.” Yet, many software providers encourage services to go above and beyond to document every moment of a child’s day. But as providers, should you really be taking advice from those in the tech industry about how and what you document? After all, what is our expertise in ECEC? In order for software to work for early childhood, it must first seek to serve the sector. By taking time to listen to educators, owners and families, software providers can find solutions to over-documenting instead of encouraging it. At OWNA, we like to take an approach that streamlines documentation, rather than encouraging more. By spending less time on documentation, educators, directors and owners can focus on other aspects of their service and improve their wellbeing whilst at work.

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